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Online-auto A software package designed for programming and coding of BMW F, G, I series cars.



You only need an ENET cable to use it.

To take advantage of its features you need to download the program and follow just a few steps.

1. Install the program on your computer.

2. Register the program >>.

3. Run the program and run the " short test">>.

4. Choose the function you need and purchase it through our store >>.

5. Program or code the car >>.

You can find out more about its features here.

We are trying to constantly update the software and supplement it with new functions for you!



BMW G30 programming from 520 to 530 (from 184 hp to 249 hp)

Programming BMW G01 G02 G03 G11 G12 G30 G31 G31 on without catalyst mode EURO2

BMW F30 programming from 316 to 320 ed (from 136 hp to 170 hp)

Reading ISN from DME